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Data Classification Services

Level 1 - Data Normalization
We will normalize to a standard layout, assemble columns in order, format text, address the variability of characters, identify alpha numeric sequencing, tackle complex field/element translation processes, create data definitions (i.e. data dictionary) and provide post processing reports.

Level 2 - Data Standardization
HD Information will standardize field formats and repair any anomalies which will retard efficiencies in the data. For example, we will ensure names and addresses are parsed to defined standards creating a First Name, Middle Initial, Last Name=Name field parsing routine. We’ll also provide field population counts, data distributions and other indicators. After we’re done, you’ll receive a full analysis of what we found and recommendations on where to head to unlock the data.

Level 3 - Validation/Reference
In Level 3, HD Information identifies and validates the data. We don’t simply detect a reference point like: “Is the data good or bad?” We will provide you qualitative feedback and input on your database/portfolio. If we are processing address information, when we validate the data, we also perform comprehensive address standardization services to ensure the data is correct. This gives you actionable data from which the benefits are potentially enormous. Cost avoidance, labor savings, relationship building and increased profits are at your door.

Level 4 - Analytics and Data Interrelations
Once you’ve completed Level 3, we’ll further refine the process of validation and create a true hygiene of the file. Some of the added features of Level 4 include the analysis of duplicate records within each field on a row, data clustering, relational analysis of consumers and businesses, Addresses+ Phones, Surname Counts vs. Address Types, property types (single family dwelling, Multi-Family dwelling (i.e. 200 people live in a single family dwelling with 2 Drivers Licenses and 2 car registrations might indicate further research is necessary!).

Level 4 also supports fraud detection through data validity. The fraudulent use of consumer data continues to escalate. Level 4 allows clients to uncover the depth and breadth of information within the data.

Level 5 - Value Added Enhancements
HD Information will enhance our client’s databases with any number of important additions. We fill gaps in the database to expand the reach to your clients. By geo-coding the data, applying census data, analyzing customer operational performance, portfolio performance, segmentation you will understand what is happening in your business more effectively. We’ll also separate low and high performance metrics, as well as consolidate and concatenate the existing data. Armed with this information and post processing reports, the data has now been energized into a full picture of your database asset.

Level 6 - Warehousing/Householding
HD Information will house the data over time for long term performance services and ongoing analytics. We’ll store the data, create trend lines and metrics beyond those available today which will lead to continuing operational enhancements, cost reduction, client performance enhancements and powerful economic benefits. It’s been said before: The power is in the data

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