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Data Enhancement

Among all client needs, database management is a critical need but in addition to managing the database, most consumer facing businesses need ancillary data to support their operational needs to accurately identify their clients. Our experience over the past 20+ years has positioned HygenicsData to develop provide products and services which are attractive to our clients beyond those available by current suppliers. Simply said, we have the best interests of our clients in mind.

Our full range of products and services include:

  • Data appends such as phone numbers, addresses, validation of information, property information, deceased information, business data, etc.
  • Database profiling—researching for gaps in existing data, fill rates, distribution of values
  • Database hygiene—address cleansing, name formatting and parsing, phone number validation
  • Independent vendor vetting and validation - comparing test files from multiple vendors against reference data/standards Project related data integration projects
  • Comprehensive file build - designed against your specifications
  • Ongoing maintenance and file upgrades

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