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Deceased ID & Suppression Services

The old saying is that there are only two things which can’t be avoided. Taxes being the other, deceased information can be important to your business. Many clients we’ve spoken to have stated a clear necessity and desire to get the information right on their clients. The last thing one wants is to possess incorrect information and status on an account in your database. HD Information knows how to help.

Basic Services

  • Rapid identification of life status
  • Phone append client contact operations
  • Intelligent segmentation scores/services to support operations management
  • Phone and mail suppression services
  • NCOA servicesUSPS Address standardization services with CASS Certification
  • Other information append services are available. Please contact us for more details by emailing hdi_contactus@appriss.com

Suppression Services

  • Multi-family dwellings identification utility
  • Do Not Call
  • Mail suppression
  • DMA suppressionPlease email us for more details at hdi_contactus@appriss.com


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