HD Information Consulting Services include counsel and input on managing technology, strategy and execution for the organization and how its is used in the processing environment. Additionaly, we possess significant perspective on information processing, data acquisition, product/systems development and information systems integration.

There are 3 levels of consultant HD Information. Each of the three has distinct responsibilities and assignments for any engagement and as such they work with varying resources within your Agency’s structure or team composition

In terms of real world experience ad guidance, we provide services which can help you create, design, build and implement and warehouse any type f database. We can also provide input on project direction and strategic direction of any data hygiene or integration project.

We have the ability to work as an individual contributor and live by the philosophy that we have a responsibility to effectively support your goals.
We become an extension of your team with a need for the following disciplines:

  • Working with user and IT management to identify, document and correct data quality issues through the appropriate choice of error detection and correction, process control and improvement or process design techniques
  • We work with you on project details, adaptability/flexibility, analytical thinking, project dependability, cooperation and integrity
  • Analyze data sets, batch processes, client input and output, customer logs, web logs, etc. to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the various data sets, and be able to communicate the findings to appropriate team contacts.
  • Defining and development f evolutionary rules to evaluate data conditions and qualty where possible
  • Identify end-to-end Business Intelligence (BI), Data Warehouse (DW) and Data Landscape environments
  • Support the integrations of new data set into HD Information infrastructure
    • Includes optimizing layouts and database configurations for space, performance, updating, etc.
    • Includes improving the data where possible by combining multiple data sets into one or more enhanced data file(s) that provides better end-user performance
  • Identify opportunities for the use both proprietary and over the counter software to transform various data into standardized, normalize common formats.
  • Ensure quality control and timely processing of data sets within set data processing standards and guidelines and requirements
  • Make recommendations for enhancements to systems of record to improve accuracy and performance of operational data
  • Recommend enhancements to the acquisition processes to improve accuracy and performance of data warehouse data
  • Work with Agency/Team development t ensure that data rules are being supported and properly maintained
  • Profile and assess data to discover anomalies
  • Create and publish reports noting deviations and anomalies
  • Analyze data trends and monitor data for duplications and rejects

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