Hygiene Services

Level 1

  • Name Parsing
  • Address Parsing
  • Identification of Telephone Type and/or invalid phone flag
  • Append telephone Metadata (time zone, area code data, etc.
  • Invalid SSN Identification
  • Append SSN Metadata (State and Date of Issuance)
  • Spurious Data/Character Removal (dashes, hyphens, invalid values) identification of unique/duplicate rows with common data elements
  • Create data histogram/distribution of values

*please note that All level 1 unit Pricing is based on the combination of Number of Columns x Number f Rows Input

Level 2

  • USPS ZIP4/CASS Address Correction
  • USPS DPV and/or DPBC Address Enrichment
  • USPS NCOA Individual/Household Move Identifier
  • SSA Death Master Decedent Identifier
  • Incomplete or Improperly Formed Address Identification and Repair
    Householding/grouping of data base on multiple input criteria

Level 3

  • Merge and de-dupe files
  • File Normalization from flat file to relational file structure
  • File de-normalization from relational file to flat file structure

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