Installed Solutions

For highly sensitive data in protected environments many necessary and useful data management functions are not routinely performed due to resource constraints, lower project prioritizations, and concern over data security. Yet the need for data hygiene need is far reaching. Duplication of records, outdated or non-existent linking techniques, standardization anomalies, outdated formatting, etc., all contribute to this insidious issue. If you want this done but need to maintain the control of your data, we have a solution.

HD Information has partnered with Dell Computers to support an internal, secure turnkey solution for your data hygiene needs. We have designed a fully functional data hygiene appliance that sits in your environment under your control that allows a variety of integration and hygiene functions.

Our appliance allows the cleansing of databases, merging of multiple data sets or management of your data in a way that allows a low resource interaction. Our appliance solution stands alone behind your firewall and security measures while facilitating the following features and functionality:

  • We offer a simplified user interface to launch and monitor jobs
  • Flexible Integration tools to perform your desired operations
  • Foundational cleansing tools to hygiene your data without altering the parent record
  • Data element validation tools to check components of your data for accuracy
  • We also offer comparison tools to explore fuzzy records for proper identification and potential utility and tighten or loosen matching criteria
  • Our reporting tools provide job statistics and results-based job tracking such as fill rates, distribution of column, match rates, etc., exportable to excel, csv, SQL, XML or other formats
  • One way maintenance Interface providing updated and enhanced feature sets

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